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Re: An idea for RPM -> License Agreement support

Hikaru Amano wrote:
I'm not sure if i missed it .. anyway .. here goes

it would be useful to Third Parties if RPM have the ability to ask for
License Agreement before installing their package. I'm not a lawyer
but I believe this is useful in legal related stuff when distributing
softwares. I have seen a few RPM that are stored .bin just for the
sake of license agreement (Sun Java is the easiest example) and with
RPM having (optional) license agreement before installation , this
would reduce their worries bout licensing when packaging app for

and  ... Linux newbies can avoid the terminal more (I know this sounds
silly, the moment somebody says open terminal and run "chmod +x
file.bin", certain users freaks out , double clicking RPM is easier to
explain ).

any comments?

It has been suggested before. There are multiple reasons why this is not been implemented.

* RPM is explicitly to be non-interactive. It helps in things like kickstart. A license agreement breaks this design.

* In a multi user system having a single user agree to the license is not very useful. If a license agreement is required it should be a step when the application is started first. An example is Real Player.


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