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Re: pxe

Martin Papadopoulos wrote:
eric magaoay schrieb:
I have been using PXE boot/install F7 development builds without a
problem (mostly x86_64, but sometimes i386 -build tree). Make sure
your config setup in dhcpd.conf and config file(s) under pxelinux.cfg
directory is correct. Try using the boot kernel/initrd located in:



Martin Papadopoulos wrote:

since the early dev phases of f7 , no single vmlinuz version is bootable
via pxe.
boot the pxe vmlinuz provided always leeds to "invalid or corrupt kernel
it's really bugging since nowadays pxe and kickstart are common
infrastructure methods for deployment :-(


martin papadopoulos

je*** ch*** ,
i had a type in the pxelinux.cfg and misinterpreted the pxelinux message.
sorry guys.

works fine now.

thanx a lot. have a nice we

greetz martin papadopoulos :-)

(shameless plug mode)

You might want to look at cobbler (http://cobbler.et.redhat.com) for auto-managing your PXE environment. It will keep you from having to maintain those config files, among other things, like providing nice fully-automatic Xen installation features.

(/shameless plug mode)


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