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Re: What's the current status of mp3-licensing issues?

Peter Lemenkov wrote:

that describe the encoding process (the tricky part) will not apply.
Also, statements from the patent holders up to now always allowed the
non-commercial distribution of mpeg audio decoders without any fee.

Such non-commercial use restrictions are not compatible with Free and open source software or the Fedora licensing guidelines. moreover GPL license also requires a written non-limiting patent grant or we can't include GPL software that infringes patents on regions that enforce patents on software.

Bottom line is:

While Fraunhofer/Thomson don't want to charge free software players -
they said that a long time ago, the time for they being able to place
such charges is expiring or has already expired. One should really think
before adding mp3pro/surround support to mpg123, though, since there
are for sure more recent patents for that.

And don't forget: The progress bar is covered by a patent, too.

Briefly speaking from the above notes we may find the following:

* Looks like Ogg "violates" patents as well as mp3.

"Looks" are not enough. The claim should be very specific.

* Fraunhofer patents already expired in Europe.

What about US?



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