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Re: KDE logout options with F8

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Christopher Aillon <caillon <at> redhat.com> writes:
We should get to the point where we have one login manager, and just swap out the toolkits/UI. Logging in is something that we seriously should not have multiple packages for.

And then what guarantees us the KDE frontend is not going to get the same treatment KNetworkManager got for F8 (i.e. the backend getting upgraded to an experimental, completely incompatible snapshot which is not supported by the KDE frontend yet, and way too late in the release cycle (after the feature freeze!) so there's no way the KDE frontend can be fixed in time)?

Without people that care about making things work actually stepping up to _do_ the work, you have no guarantees about anything ever working.

When NM 0.7 was first added to rawhide, even the GNOME applet was not really functioning. Connecting to wireless networks was not even implemented in the applet. VPN didn't work, and a plethora of other bugs. Yet the GNOME applet now works for F8. I truly believe that if someone cared enough, the KDE applet would also be working.

The way NetworkManager 0.7 has been handled in F8 makes me very distrustful of such "one backend, multiple frontend" solutions.

We made it clear from the start of the F8 cycle that we were going to be doing the NM feature, and it was tracked in FESCo meetings. So the fact that KNM is non functioning should not be a reflection on anything other than lack of people doing the work for KNM.

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