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Re: F8: Bug in diff ?

Ian Thurlbeck wrote:

Dear All

please confirm that what I'm seeing here is a bug before I bugzilla it.

Create 2 files, f1, f2 with contents "abc" and "abc " (without quotes),
i.e. the same line with a space on the end.

Diff ignoring whitespace:

diff -b f1 f2

should produce no diff output, but does on F8. Works fine on FC6.

Ha, that's amusing, I noticed the same thing yesterday but I thought it
was me being silly and ignored it thinking how could one of the most
heavily used utilities be this broken and not have any reported bugs?

The options -w and -b report differences where none exist.

This was confirmed by looking at the two files in a hex editor just to make sure a non-printing character wasn't the culprit, but the areas flagged as different were byte identical and turning off -w or -b resulted in no differences, completely counterintuitive.

John Dennis <jdennis redhat com>

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