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Re: file system mount

David Zeuthen wrote:

[1] : We could be more creative and try to guess what the file system is
used for; e.g. look for /etc/fedora-release, /etc/debian_release and so
forth (including trying to guess if it's Windows XP, Mac OS X or
whatever). So instead of showing "/" we could show "Fedora Core 7
(Moonshine)". That approach has it's ups and downs (guess is dangerous)
thus why it's not implemented at this point.

How about giving a hint as to which _physical_ disk it is? Imagine you had a couple of scsi controllers each with a bunch of disks, plus some sata and USB volumes and you add one (which might currently have labels that match other drives) and want to format it. Which one is it? Or a drive in the system fails and isn't detected. How do you find which one
it was?

[2] : This is a rant to the Anaconda team. It is beyond me why you guys
decided to use LABEL= when UUID= is available for ext2/ext3 like since
forever. Another complaint is the name chosen for the file systems;
instead of e.g. "/" maybe you could use "F8-/", "F8-/var/www" etc. I
know this screws people on updates but at least these people could
rename the labels (e.g. from "F8-/" to "F9-/") when they upgrade. Or
Anaconda could prompt the user. Thanks for looking into this.

How do you change the UUID's on md arrays? I often clone machines by separating RAID1 drives and letting them sync to new partners. If those separated drives ever find themselves back in the same machine, I wouldn't want them to rebuild automatically.

 Les Mikesell

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