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Severe X breakage heads up

I plan to rebase the X server to git master a week from today (Monday,
November 12), which means the changes should hit rawhide on Tuesday.


% sudo sed -i -e '/^\[main\]/ a exclude=xorg-*' /etc/yum.conf

Run that line to opt out of the disaster.  Thank you for your time.

Now for some details.

This X server requires libpciaccess.  Not all of the drivers have been
ported yet.  Not all of them will be ported by Monday, though I'll try
to have the big three of {radeon,intel,nv} and the vesa driver converted
by then.  This should cover most people.  I hope.

If your driver is not ported, you'll see an error like this in the X

(EE) module ABI major version (1) doesn't match the server's version (3)

This means switch to vesa, or else back down to F8 X.

Mesa will rebase in the same go.  This may or may not break 3D for you.
It shouldn't, but it might.  Likewise libdrm, but that's unlikely to be
a problem in and of itself.  I'm quite likely to update those two
components sometime this week, they should be relatively low impact on
their own.

This server will also introduce input hotplug support.  TBH I have no
idea how this should be set up at the moment.  I'll try to get something
working at least for the machines I have here, but that might only be
good enough for static configuration same as F8 and earlier.  If someone
wants to own the i-h part of this that'd be awesome, otherwise we'll get
to it as we have time.

I think those are the highlights.  If there are any further questions,
please ask, I may have missed something.  If any bugs come up in the
transition, please do file them!  We need to know what breaks so we know
what we need to fix.  And of course, all patches and assistance are
greatly appreciated.

- ajax

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