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Re: F9 Feature Process

John Poelstra wrote:
4) How do we (realistically) encourage people to keep their feature pages up to date? It was a pain to keep hounding people to keep the status of their pages up to date--very few people kept them updated every 2 weeks. Considering how short our release cycle is I don't think we can go much longer than that.

Before we ask this question, first ask what do we gain vs. lose from people updating the page every two weeks? Do we gain anything? Not much, really. We get a false sense of security that it will get done on time or it won't get done on time. A feature can get lots of work early on and then the maintainer(s) go AWOL and leave it at 70%. Or there can be no updates for a long while as they are doing other things and then it gets done within the final two weeks before freeze.

And we lose engineering time from having to update the page. For some of our contributors who are not paid to work on Fedora, this could be a non-insignificant portion of the time they can allot to Fedora.

Is it really worth getting people to update their feature page every two weeks? I'd argue it's much better to start looking for updates in the week or two prior to the freeze as those will be more meaningful. We should also encourage people to update their page regularly (or when their feature is completed), but I'm not convinced that enforcing this is a good idea.

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