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Re: When will be CVS replaced by modern version control system?

On 11/7/07, Adam Tkac <atkac redhat com> wrote:

CVS has already passed over best years. I'm wonder why modern
project like Fedora still has sources in this ancient system. Are here
any plans to replace it by git, mercurial, svn or other more modern
version control system?

It's been discussed many times on this list and others.  Search the archives.  The main problems is that no one can agree on which version control system to switch to. Both Git and Mercurial have strong proponents. Bazaar and Subversion have proponents as well.

A related problem has been that until recently Koji supported only CVS.  I've seen recent work on Koji to support Git and SVN but that code isn't running on the production buildsystems AFAIK.  I haven't seen any work on Plague yet (Plague will be needed until Koji is ready to build packages for EPEL).


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