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Re: common-lisp-controller for Fedora

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Anthony Green <green <at> redhat.com> writes:
I've created a draft Feature page on the wiki to copy Debian's common-lisp-controller package and methodology for installing Common Lisp implementations and libraries.

How does this fit together with natively-compiled implementations like gcl?

It is perfectly compatible.

Does this imply radically changing them to work more like an interpreter and load natively-compiled versions as shared libraries like what was done to GCJ?


If it does, who is going to do the work? And is this really a good idea? For what it's worth, Maxima seems to cope just fine with the current implementation.

Sure, Maxima doesn't depend on pre-installed libraries of lisp code.

What's at issue is:

 - Where to the library sources get installed?
- Where do the implementation dependent fasl and/or other binary files get installed?
 - How do we manage fasl updates when a lisp implementation changes?
 - How do they all hook into asdf or similar
- How do we scale to include the hundreds of Common Lisp libraries that gentoo and others package?
 - etc etc etc


        Kevin Kofler

fn:Anthony Green
org:Red Hat, Inc.
email;internet:green redhat com
tel;cell:(650) 207-7122

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