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Re: fedora 8 torrents

On Thu, 8 Nov 2007 14:50:02 +0100 Valent Turkovic wrote:

> I have already seeded 5GB of Fedora 8 DVD, my download is only 20%
> complete. My upload is limited at 8Mbits/s but only 2-3 are currently
> used

Torrent has not been officially released, hence not many people are seeding.

> ... come on people, what are you waiting for :)

We're waiting for the torrent files to show up. ;-)

> ps. when will be fedora 8 gnome live cd available? And the home page
> is still showing 1 day till fedora 8, isn't today the date?

> ps.  I'm in Europe and here is 3PM allready. I hoped that by 10AM
> fedora will be officially out - but I guess that was the case with
> openSUSE so I mixed the time zones...

Max wrote:

  On Thursday November 8th (about 3:00 PM GMT), ...

Mainland Europe is in timezone CET, i.e. GMT+1 (or, more accurately
UTC+1), so you'll have to wait until 16:00 CET.

I'm used to 24-hour time indications, so I initially thought "Hey, 3 in
the morning? Sweet!" Until I read "PM"... ;-)

-- Steven

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