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(It pains me to say) KDE and broken logout

First let it be known that I read every last character of the original dreadful thread as a result of logout not working for me using the RC3 F8 bits (the live Fedora and KDE x86_64 spins). And I've confirmed that my issue is definitely not GDM vs KDM.

The behavior I see after installing the KDE spin is that logout works perfectly after I login for the first time. After the second and subsequent logins I get empty air (nothing happens) when I click on the Logout menu item.

I'll try posting a bug report (again) after traffic on redhat.com subsides. Meanwhile, I've switched back to F7 since either no KDE or no SUSPEND are both non-starters. But I do intend to dust off another laptop/desktop to install Rawhide and gather more information on the problem. To that end I'm open to suggestions for troubleshooting the issue.


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