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Re: pptp-linux (pptp) on a Fedora DVD

Kevac Marko wrote:

Here, in Russian Federation, 90% of home internet providers use PPTP
for the internet access.
So 80% of Fedora users from Russian Federation have same problem of
installing and configuring pptp client. It includes very unpleasant
"go to another box with internet connection, download rpm package, go
back and install it".

I don't know what situation is in another countries with pptp, but i
be very glad to see pptp client on a Fedora DVD.

So, questions are:
1. Why pptp package is still not there? Some license issues?

If there was a license issue, it wouldn't be in Fedora at all.

2. Will it be included in Fedora DVD?
3. How can i help?

I use pptp to connect to my ADSL provider, as do many people throughout Europe. I think it's a reasonable request to add this small package to the default spin. Raising the issue here is a good start.


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