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Re: Codec Buddy misleading.

Oke imagine one of the following cases:

I have a official Windows Vista home premium (sadly!!.. came with my
notebook) so in a way i've already payed for those patents. Now i want
to play the same file on Linux and than you have to buy a license on
it AGAIN!!?? Doesn't make any sense at all.

If you live in the USA codec buddy isn't misleading at all.. that's
just the sad truth for the people in the USA. But for EU people it now
seems that they have to comply the USA law and have to buy the codecs
which they absolutely don't need to do. So for me in the EU it's
misleading. if i would have been in USA it would have been fine.

And is it illegal to say that "Repository X has the codec you want for
free. Click here to read the installation instructions" which than
points to a site hosted in the EU with the instructions. i can't
imagine that that's illegal in USA.

This really should be sorted out in a nice way for Fedora 9.

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