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Re: Codec Buddy misleading.

On Sat, Nov 10, 2007 at 08:21:39AM -0500, Alan Cox wrote:
> On Sat, Nov 10, 2007 at 09:56:57AM +0000, Rui Miguel Silva Seabra wrote:
> > > But I can accuse you of that whenever I like whether its true or not. So its
> > > irrelevant to the discussion, its a totally specious argument.
> > 
> > In any normal case, the accuser has to prove your guilt.
> In a civil dispute its balance of probability
> > But as far as I have understood about patents, you have to prove your
> > innocence.
> In the US maybe. In other countries it is more complicated. In particular
> in many of these countries you wouldn't contest the patent you would cite
> the caselaw on patentability of software and business methods.
> > I don't think it's an irrelevant or totally specious argument.
> For europe I think it is. It doesn't help for the Red Hat case because
> as a US company Red Hat is obliged to obey US law.

Okay, thanks for your insight :)


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