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Re: "File Type" Buddy for Fedora 9?

Mark wrote:
2007/11/12, Ralf Ertzinger <fedora camperquake de>:
Usually the programs installed register a list of extensions they are
able to handle. audacious seems to miss the m3u extension, this is
a bug. Please file in bugzilla.

Not the kind of reply that i was hoping to see ^_^
i will fill a bug report.
Bug reports for both issues, and request for enhancements in general lead to fixes getting released. I think bug'ging it is the best way to go ;) Even more so for a repeatable problem, or well thought out enhancment

> but lets take another extension. .rar
> a "Extension Buddy" would be handy for that. (i know how to get rar
> capability but it's just for the idea!)

I think what you mean is that given any file type we could have a central registry of packages that implement the file type {view, play, edit etc}.

1(a) Johnny receives from mary a thing-a-me.whatnot file
1(b) Mary downloads a i-cant-tell-how-to-open-this file
2. Click the file
{3. Virus scanner checks it.}
4. file "the-file" is run to determine file type {extensions mean nothing - I can send you a music file called scream.loudly whose actual type is ogg - your player and tools will act on it based on it's contents - not it's right most part of file-name.} 5. a list of {fedora only} packages that implement that file type are presented. 6. expanding the more info panel allows Mary or Johnny to get enough info to decide which package they would like to try.
7. Mary or Johnny click the install package button.
8. yum and friends download the package {and dependencies}, and install the package. 9. User is informed that the capability to "use" double-clicked file has been installed.
10. Click the file again - the app now opens it.

Any adjustments needed ?

Actually the db could store the "use"s eg play view edit hear modify convert etc, and be more informative eg the descriptions could say:
- view file.presentation
   "fast presentation viewer"
- edit
    openoffice impress


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