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Re: Custom F8 builds and respins

Keith G. Robertson-Turner wrote:
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I'm looking into producing a custom version of Fedora 8+, and I would
appreciate some advice.

My objectives are:

. Provide a subset of the current F8 tree
. Custom compiler optimisation of that full subset of packages

This might be a sore point for a custom spin.

. New artwork
. A hosted repo: ISOs, RPMS, SRPMs, devel, multi-arch

I'm considering using the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for
building, and I already have a host for the repo, so all that remains is
the details of the infrastructure.

If I've read the Wiki correctly, what I need is:

. A Fedora 8 Xen instance on EC2
. Koji
. bodhi
. mash
. The required subset of Fedora 8 sources (TBA)
. The necessary compiler toolchains
. The necessary buildrequires

After I have a repo with all of the rebuilt packages, what would I then
use to spin the ISOs? Just Revisor? Is that the recommended method, or
is that just for end-users rather than distro maintainers?

You can use either Pungi or livecd-creator too. AFAIK, those are the tools recommended by the release engineering team simply because that is what they themselves use to produce Fedora releases. Assuming you are aiming for a custom spin hosted by Fedora, regardless of the tools, the deliverable is a kickstart file that we can run through the process. Refer


I have a inclination about the kind of spin you are shooting for and more details would be nice since I might be interested in participating.


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