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Re: autoloading of kernel modules in the udev area ?!

Hans de Goede (j w r degoede hhs nl) said: 
>> What are the modules that live behind that device?
> The module / driver behind it us i2c-dev, which gives userspace access to 
> one ore more i2c-busses. So the chain basically is:
> -userspace app (i2cdump for example) -> i2c-dev -> i2c master driver 
> (i2c-i801
>  for example).
> Notice that under normal circumstances userspace access to the i2c busses 
> is not used, its main use is as a debugging / development technique.

So, i2c-i801 is automatically loaded, but i2c-dev isn't?

If it's not needed by default, I suppose the device node + kmod is one
way to do it; you could also build it statically if you really want
to. Why wouldn't i2c-dev be part of i2c-core anyway?

> Interesting this seems to be different from adding entries under 
> /lib/udev/devices, as as said on my system after dev the loop module gets 
> loaded, while I assume its not used during boot. Wouldn't it be better 
> (faster, less memory use) for the loop-devices to sit under 
> /lib/udev/devices, so that no module gets loaded?

I'm not seeing it getting loaded by default for me. Did you set up
a loop device?


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