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System-Config-Firewall, Bluetooth,CodecBuddy, System-Config-Selinux and an BB/Nanny

First of all thanks to all the sponsors/developers/testers/maintainers/
people contributing/work on/in creating Fedora..

I manage to gather a couple of people/"lab rats" with little
to none technical skills at the price of beer,wine and food last weekend.
I had couple of computers and my "toys" on a table for them to play with.
( mp3 player cameras etc.. and yes they all worked with Fedora but they
did not know that, age group 30 to 50 both genders )controlled enviroment.

They installed and used Werewolf and I got to watch them do that ;) ...
What came out of this other than an great party afterwards was....

So let's skip the usually things we all know are great...

System-config-firewall this was the first time that
my human technical challenge lab rats could use it with
comfort and ease and could grasp when I explained how to use

2 RFE came out of this torrent ports were missing from the hasable list
and 1 user was wondering if there was some stats app about how many
"virus/attacks" he avoided ( block/drop packages ) his question
comes from those anti virus apps I suppose...
Will file that when I have time..

And I believe that this deserves the N1 place in "on the hood"
from noob user perspective changes in FC8..

The second place goes to CodecBuddy people did mind
paying for media codecs as long as they could play their media
but they did mind have to register instead
of getting to pay instantly/now/paypal button but then
again its fluendo problem losing money out the window..

In the third place from noob user perspective "on the hood"
Bluetooth, Why third? because all those lab rats knew or some
didnt know that their phone had bluetooth and all those noob users
had never used it nor turned it on ofcourse I tested them and and yes they
all worked..

System-config-Selinux notifier wtf for the noob...
I triggered an selinux alert and shtf and here we are at impass
Even if we make the "notice" more userfriendly, we cant have
*next* ( which they wanted ) button to solve it because we dont
want the user to allow something that should not be allowed
( and yes these users would press the next button to make it go away )
I gave this a great deal of thought and came up with nothing
just that this will always be a problem.
( no we dont want users to disable this with disable me button,
because whats the point having it if everybody disable it. )

Now I was asked if there was available Bigbrother/Nanny software
that could protect/monitor their children computer usage
from all the harm and danger the internet can bring?

Anything anyone?

Does Redhat have this covered before rolling out Redhat-Desktop

Something that can ease the mind of parents?

Best Regards
          Johann B.

Ps. Somebody might wanna update the wiki page to mention
    Werewolf as current maintainded release, and take out Zod
    ( http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases )

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