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Bugzilla Versions :: Request for Community & FESCo review

The Fedora QA team voted today to simply the displayed Fedora Versions in Bugzilla. We would like a vote by FESCo on 2007-11-15 to proceed with the changes outlined below. These changes should reduce confusion and help us to simply our bug tracking efforts while complementing the new release process (no test releases).
There will NOT be separate versions for "alpha" and "beta" as there has been little value derived from tracking bugs in the past by test release.

Proposed changes are as follows:

1) Leave the "product name of "Fedora" the same.

2) Change the version of "devel" to "rawhide" to be consistent with new naming convention

3) Normalize the existing version numbers to be numerical values only, with the exception of rawhide. Adding "F" or "FC" before the version number is redundant.  We already have "Fedora" as the product. The new valid versions will be:

4) We will follow this versioning scheme for all releases going forward until FESCo determines that other changes are needed.

5) Bugs previously opened against test releases will also be merged into the released version.  For example:

\ FC6Test1 \
   FC6Test2   | ===> 6
   FC6Test3  /
   FC6      /
6) Bonus points if we can disable the ability to file new bugs against releases that are no longer supported, for example, FC(1..5).

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