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Re: F8 is getting *really* sysadmin-hostile

On Nov 15, 2007 10:52 AM, Les Mikesell <lesmikesell gmail com> wrote:
> The fact that you _can_ use some outside mechanism to handle IP
> assignments doesn't really excuse an OS from making it reasonably
> convenient to do it locally.
Caveats abound:

the frustration only affects the livecds we ship. it does not affect
the anaconda based installer on the traditional dvd image.  If there
was an expectation that people who use the livecd as install targets
for machines with static ips, I don't remember that coming up at any
point in the F7 or F8 testing cycle. There was more than enough time
for someone,anyone to make the case and develop a livecd spin that
used the legacy stack by default instead of NM for use as a live media
target for static ip situations. I don't remember anyone bringing this
up in the context of livecd spin target usage leading up to F8.

I think there very well maybe a valid usage case here for a legacy
network stack using live image as a useful install target for static
ip networks. But its almost too late for a discussion about it to
matter much since NM should have static ip support by F9 and be the
default stack for all installable images.. whether live or not.


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