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Re: F8 is getting *really* sysadmin-hostile

On Thu, 2007-11-15 at 09:48 -0800, John Reiser wrote:
> > A live CD install on servers? You're walking all over your use cases :)
> Does the live CD install istelf have a prominent advisory "Avoid using
> LiveCD for these cases [see http://... for explanation]" ?

There are multiple versions of the LiveCDs, but you don't mention which
one you used. The one specifically targetted at servers doesn't run
NetworkManager by default IIRC.

> This may be fallout from "Fedora Project does not distribute CD images."
> Physical media are comforting to administrators (changing the bits is
> easy to detect and prevent), many servers lack DVD, creating a local repo
> can be a hassle, install from network drive is not widely understood
> (and when it doesn't work it is hard to figure out how to fix.)

A CD and a network is all that's needed to install servers, without the
need to setup a staging network with tftp boot. I'm pretty sure that's
all explained in the Installation Guide.

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