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FESCo Meeting Summary for 2007-11-15

= Members Present =
      * Brian Pepple (bpepple) 
      * Jason Tibbitts (tibbs) 
      * Jesse Keating (f13) 
      * Dennis Gilmore (dgilmore) 
      * Bill Nottingham (notting) 
      * Warren Togami (warren) 
      * Jeremy Katz (jeremy) 
      * Christopher Aillon (caillon) 
      * David Woodhouse (dwmw2) 
      * Christian Iseli (c4chris) 
      * Kevin Fenzi (nirik) 

= Absent =
      * Tom Callaway (spot) 
      * Josh Boyer (jwb) 

= Other Participants =
      * John Poelstra (poelcat) 
      * Will Woods (wwoods) 
      * Matthias Clasen (mclasen) 

= Summary =
== Feature Process ==
      * Long discussion on fixing parts of the Feature Process based on
        F8 experience. Quick & dirty summary (for more details, please
        refer to the irc log): 
              * Worked on clarifying definition of 'feature' some more. 
              * Frequency of feature page updates. 1) update is required
                before Beta release. 2) updates are preferred before
                Alpha release. 3) *after* Beta release, updates are
                required every 2 weeks 
              * Features need to be at 100% completion by the release
                schedules final freeze. Sometimes that may entail
                adjusting the feature page to reflect whats going to be
                in the release. 

== Proposed F9 Schedule ==
      * FESCo approved the schedule for F9 proposed by the Release
        Engineering Team.

IRC log can be found at:

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