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Re: System-config Reworking Proposal


I kind of missed the beginning of this thread...too many things going on, but 
this needs some discussion in my opinion.

>     * allows for centrally logging system-config actions (audit trail)

The audit trail we are currently maintaining is set in the audit system. 
Whatever anyone designs needs to work correctly with the audit system since 
it will be watching a lot of the config files. When someone is remotely 
configuring a machine, the loginuid will need to be set correctly for the 
remote user. Libaudit also has logging functions (with Python bindings) that 
ensures all the important information is recorded in the audit trail. Besides 
creating an audit trail, you also need a way to search for information in the 
audit trail. The audit system already has the needed reporting tools and is 
getting new GUI based tools in F9.


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