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Re: When will be CVS replaced by modern version control system?

On 11/09/07 06:22, Lennert Buytenhek wrote:

  Note that in a distributed VCS, the OLPC-2 specific stuff wouldn't
  have to live on the main Fedora VCS server, and could very easily
  live on a separate box.  (Whether this is desirable for the OLPC-2
  stuff or not is a separate issue, I'm just saying that it is easily
  possible in a DVCS.)  (And whether the result can still be called
  Fedora or not is also a separate issue.)

I think we (as OLPC) could really benefit from a truly
distributed development infrastructure.

The CVS to git migration is only part of the problem.  We'd need
a local Koji installation that could "inherit" braches from
koji.fedoraproject.org.  And maybe also local installations of
pkgdb and Bohdi...

It would be really cool if the whole toolset for a full
"distro assembly line" was easy enough to setup locally.

For my daily development, I often felt the need for a personal
fork of OLPC-2 where I can experiment with my custom packages.
An example of a project that required it was upgrading to
Xorg 1.4, which involves a dozen of updated packages and
some config updates.

We already have a modified version of pilgrim, plus some
build machinery that generates hourly builds from several


We're currently limited to dropping customized binary RPMs
in a directory.  What's missing is the same level of support
in the preceding stages of the build system.

My impression is that setting up a local koji server on
workstation machines is way too complicated.  What an
individual developer would need is the same ability to
build packates, but without the added complexity xmlrpc,
multiuser, clustering and web interface.

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