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Re: pulseaudio CPU usage and process name

On Sat, 2007-11-17 at 00:39 +0100, Lennart Poettering wrote:
> Different resamplers have different properties. The advantage of SRC
> is the superb quality, the disadvantages are that it is float-only and
> GPL'ed, and thus not really useful on embedded systems and when you
> want to load proprietary modules into PA (note that PA is fully
> LGPL-licensed, but if you link it against SRC the daemon is
> practically "down"graded to GPL).
> The good about the Speex resampler is that it can do both float and
> integer resampling, that it is BSD-licensed and it is a bit faster
> than SRC.

Hmmm I see. int-float-int conversion would not be fast. :)

Jackd is float only so I suppose that's why SRC is popular there.

> We chose to make the speex resampler the default. If you prefer the
> extra quality of SRC, then you are free to reconfigure
> daemon.conf. But trust me, you CPU load is not going to decrease if
> you do that ;-).

I just want my music to be listenable. Which seems to require at minimum
a sinc interpolator. Which it looks like speex is using. Hmmm.

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