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exchange email in fedora 8

With latest updates I still see this bug.

I work at an ISP company and we use Exchange for our email servers
(unfortunately) and I have used Fedora Core 6 as my work desktop for
over a year or so.
I would like to update my system (ie. clean install) to Fedora 8 but I
need 100% working exchange email client.
This is a really big issues with anybody who needs an up to date linux
desktop because this bug currently prevents me from migrating to new
Fedora 8!

Can you please suggest some way I can use exchange on fedora 8 and so
that GAL works? Some beta version of your evolution packages? Maybe
some older versions of evolution?

Thank you,
Valent Turkovic.

linux, blog, anime, spirituality, windsurf, wireless
registered as user #367004 with the Linux Counter, http://counter.li.org.
ICQ: 2125241, Skype: valent.turkovic

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