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Re: Can we please stop with the stupid add you Xorg.log canned response to X and OpenGL bugs?

Matej Cepl wrote:
On Fri, 28 Sep 2007 17:04:15 +0200, Hans de Goede scripst:
A couple of days ago I filed this (fairly detailed bug):

About opengl rendering problems with a certain app on an other wise
perfectly fine working opengl setup, and explaining that downgrading
mesa-libGL and not making any other changes fixes this. Notice the and
not making any other changes. Iow this is in no way a configuration

When I was asking you about these two files (how difficult it is attach instead of this bitching on the list?)

You were not asking me to simply attach 2 files, you were also asking me to remove my xorg.conf, restart X (iow logout) and attach the resulting logs of that too, after which I probably want to restore xorg.conf again, logout again etc. Also this was not the first bug of mine that got this response.

Now, to the whole idea of canned comments. If I had enough time to write nice novels about each bug, I would certainly did, and believe Dickens would envy the beauty of my prose. However, I am the only bugmaster for all Xorg/Gecko/Evolution/OpenOffice bugs (not dealing with each of these groups with same level of thoroughness) and I have to deal with hundreds of bug comments every day. If you want to have more beautiful comments in bugzilla, you are very welcome to contact me and help me bug triaging all those desktop bugs.

I'm not against canned response, for example the canned kernel responses to please retry with the latest kernel are fine. As they are on topic. What you did is asking for more information and setting the need info status flag on bug reports which already include tons of info:
-which card I'm using
-what is the last known version of the affected package where it worked, and
 the first version where it breaks
-Notice I pinpointed it to a single sub-package by demonstrating that the bug
 goes away by downgrading that single package, so I'm also providing accurate
 info as to in which package the bug is
-that it breaks even more in a later version of this package
-that I also filed it upstream including a link to upstreams bug report.

And IMHO asking for more info when I spend a lot of time to file a proper bug report is annoying if not just plain rude. IOW its not the canned response that annoys me but the total irrelevance of said canned response to the bug report in question, esp. after all the time I took to debug this issue myself and to file a detailed bug report!



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