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Re: bluetooth not working automatically

On Mon, 2007-10-01 at 11:23 -0400, Thomas J. Baker wrote:
> On Mon, 2007-10-01 at 08:29 -0500, Caerie Houchins wrote:
> > On 9/29/07, Thomas J. Baker <tjb unh edu> wrote:
> >         Does bluetooth automatically work for anyone? I'm seeing the
> >         following
> >         problems:
> >         
> >         bluetooth service always fails to start at boot - address in
> >         use
> >                 - can be started by hand after
> >         
> >         bluetooth-applet doesn't seem to get run at login 
> >                 - works fine if started by hand
> >         
> >         It seems like stuff is working, just not automatically.

I've been messing with bluetooth stuff as well, and noticed the same
thing. I think some of the bluetooth daemons require dbus access now -
bluetooth seems to start OK if it starts *after* messagebus. 

I changed the chkconfig line in /etc/init.d/bluetooth from:
# chkconfig:    2345 25 90
# chkconfig:    2345 30 90

The second number controls startup priority; messagebus is currently at
28. After making that change, you can do:
chkconfig bluetooth off
chkconfig bluetooth on

Restarting the system after these changes, bluetooth started OK. The
bluetooth applet still doesn't seem to start right, though.

Did you file that bug report? This information should probably be
attached to it.


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