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Re: Fedora -> Fedora cross binutils/gcc/gdb packages

On Mon, Oct 01, 2007 at 07:25:37PM -0700, Roland McGrath wrote:

> > There is a script called repack_cross.pl which can convert a target
> > binary RPM to a noarch RPM with all files moved to
> > /usr/$target/sys-root/, and a set of such pre-generated noarch RPMS
> > is included in the abovementioned repository (and pulled in when
> > you install the cross-compiler.)
> Is there a benefit to this approach vs rpm --root /usr/$target/sys-root
> or something along those lines?  It would be nice if all you needed were:
>   yum --installroot=/usr/$target/sys-root --arch=$arch groupinstall Development

In your approach, the sys-root would have its own rpm database, which
would make expressing target (build) dependencies somewhat harder,
since rpm wouldn't be able to query the set of installed target rpms.

In my approach target deps are specified by saying something like
"BuildRequires: foo-%{target_triple}".  It would be nice if you could
say something like this instead:

	BuildRequires(target): foo

and if rpm would then know it should query the rpm database in the

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