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Re: Please modify your OpenGL using games to use opengl-games-utils

Ian Chapman wrote:
Doncho N. Gunchev wrote:

for all games just by exporting the environment variable.  Since you
are asking for the games packages to use this by default, there needs
to be a per-user way to disable the script action on multi-user

Why not a checkbox - don't show this warning again? If checked - touch
a file (say ~/.no_video_warning) and don't bother the user again.

I think the user should be able to abort the game start, to start anyway
and to start anyway and never be bothered again.


To be fair I haven't see the script (yet) but that sounds a like a sensible suggestion to me. The user should have the option of continuing regardless, if they so choose, and not to be bothered again. This should be as simple as possible and done graphically, ideally at launch time.

There are 2 issues with these train of thoughts:
1) There really is no reason to want to run fullscreen OpenGL programs without
   hardware acceleration, they will not be usable <period>. If you don't
   believe me, try it!
2) The current wrapper uses zenity, so it cannot do the advenced kind of
   dialogs with a checkbox people ask for.

All in all I believe less is more, so that things are fine as is, the menu entries all launch foo-wrapper, if a user _really_ think he / she knows better, all she needs todo is to launch foo, or to modify the menu entry and strip the wrapper.



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