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Re: pungi, python and the question: where are the python gurus?

On 10/02/2007 05:02 PM, Jesse Keating wrote:
> On Tue, 02 Oct 2007 14:47:06 +0200
> Oliver Falk <oliver linux-kernel at> wrote:
>> OK, that might be the better fix. But doesn't it make sense
>> ConfigParser also allows int as values? I mean any kind of number
>> (int, float, complex) could be handled as string...
> I know not the history of ConfigParser and why it's only strings.  I
> suspect it's because ConfigParser's primary usage is to parse config
> files, and in a file it may be non-obvious how to mark something as an
> int/float rather than a string.  The reason pungi uses ConfigParser is
> that prior to using kickstart files we had our own config files.  I'm
> not entirely happy with ConfigParser, but it'd be something of an
> overhaul to switch to some other config system, and not one I was
> willing to make at this point.  Maybe during F9...

I c. Well. I don't mind what pungi uses to parse configs, but it
MustWork(tm) :-)

Kickstart files aren't pretty, but we already know them well. Maybe it
would be better to switch to xml with 'em, but... Forget... That's
another story, isn't it? :-)

>>> I've made that change and done some local testing and this appears
>>> to solve the problem.  I'll commit to tip and get a new build out
>>> today.  
>> Thx Jesse, it's great you're there; We can always count on you, your
>> quick responses and lighting-speed fast actions! :-)
> Hah, thanks.  If only all my bugs were this easy.

*grin* I can assign all my easy bugs to you, this way you might reach 90
% easy bugs... :-) And you can say, ey' guys I solved 50 bugs this day. :-)


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