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Re: FC-7 mockbuild fails/koji build succeeds

Michael Schwendt wrote:
>> I asked this last week sometime and never got any replies... Where
>> is the srpm or cvs for the buildsys-build package?  And should bugs
>> in this package be reported to the infrastructure ticketing system
>> or somewhere else?
> The buildsys-build spec is included in mock as %doc file.  diffutils
> is an R there, too, since at least June 2006.

Yeah, but that spec is for 0.7.6-1, which is not what's currently at
http://buildsys.fedoraproject.org/buildgroups/7/i386/.  There,
0.8-1.fc7 is the latest, and there's no spec or srpm.  I was curious
to find out where the package is maintained to check the commit logs
for a hint as to why diffutils went away.  Hopefully Dennis will
notice this thread and comment (I copied him on one of my previous

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