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Re: Alpine

>From: Joshua Daniel Franklin <joshuadfranklin yahoo com>
> --- Jima wrote:
> > On Wed, 3 Oct 2007, Bob wrote:
> > > What is the status of Alpine?  Everyone know and then I hear a word or 
> > > two about it but is there any chance it will ever make it out of 
> > > development?
> > 
> >   *blink*  Huh.  I thought Joshua had branched it for at least F-7.  I 
> > guess I'll have to see if there's any reason not to.
> I only branched for dev (in time for F-8 too) until the 
> Alpine 1.0 release. I think there are still a number of 
> significant bugs being worked out. However, if you'd like 
> to branch feel free as you're the co-maintainer. :)
> That said, the built RPM works fine for me (well, occasional
> crash when scrolling through large folders):
> http://koji.fedoraproject.org/koji/buildinfo?buildID=18087

No problem, I can wait.  I was just looking to get an idea where it was.

Thanks for the update!

I second the suggestion of including it in EPEL...


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