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Fedora Rel-Eng Meeting Recap 2007-OCT-10

Recap and full IRC transcript found here:

Please make corrections and clarifications to the wiki page.

== Fedora 8 Test 3 ==
* release candidate tree done (minus live images) which is synced to RDU
* working through some problematic issues with live images right now * adding "new" packages now that need to be on the DVD would slip the release

== Regular Fedora Releases on CD ==
* we don't explain clearly anywhere why we don't do CD release anymore (regular ISOs not live image)
* doing regular CD releases increases disk space on mirrors, compose time, and QA paths considerably
* the i386 Live CD is usable in CD form, or the network based install options from rescue or boot.iso
* creating CD sets can be created with existing free tools--LUGs can produce such things for their members, or whatever.
* if CD releases were to be re-instituted the Fedora board would have to make decision that it is really important
   * QA would need to sign off
* face possible wrath of the mirrors
== IRC Transcript ==

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