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Re: technical question

hey wow that was fast cool...ok im in some screen and its says GNU GRUB vr. 0.97
Fedora Core(2.6.15-1.2054_FC5)
i guess its like a boot window...i cant like edit commands before booting, modify kernel arguments before booting, or go to command line...
is this where i type what u said or the main login window after the system starts up?
cuz i tried /etc/passwd and that didnt work at all...and u attached something do i input that sumwhere?

On 10/4/07, Casey Dahlin <cjdahlin ncsu edu> wrote:
Sam Gordon wrote:
> hi i got a question..my friend installed fedora on my pc and put in
> the username password and now he doesnt remember it lol..and i have no
> idea what it is because he installed it...is there a way to override
> the login or somehow bypass it and change the information? plz just
> tell me what my options r in the matter

This list is for development discussion. For help and support you should
try fedoraforum.org or #fedora on irc.freenode.net . That being said,
from the grub screen, edit your default boot settings and add the word
'single' (without quotes) to the end of the line mentioning 'vmlinuz' .
When you boot, you will get a text-only shell with root privileges.

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