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Re: [sqlite2] Re: Orphaning packages

Alex Lancaster wrote:

>> I'll take sqlite2, looks like it's a currently a requirement for
>> moomps.

>> moomps looks like it is rawhide/F-8 but sqlite2 isn't which would
>> presumably mean that moomps would currently be uninstallable
>> because it would be missing its dependencies.

>>>>> "JK" == Jesse Keating  writes:

JK> Actually moomps just needs to be rebuilt against the latest sqlite
JK> builds which have sqlite-tcl now.  That should be the last sqlite2
JK> need.

OK, that's good to know, so sqlite2 will then not be necessary (unless
there is some other package that hasn't yet been ported to sqlite 3).
I take it that would include moodss as well, since repoquery also
reports that as a dependent package:

# repoquery --recursive --whatrequires sqlite2


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