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Re: Icons enlarged

Hikaru Amano a écrit :
On 10/4/07, Mike Chambers <mike miketc com> wrote:
I may have missed this topic/bug if it was discussed due to some other
reasons, but wanted to point it out anyway just in case.  I have noticed
that after today's rawhide updates that lot of my icons and buttons are
enlarged?  Like some of my evo buttons are really big,and the volume
control icon on my panel is big.  But nothing else on the panel is.  I
am also running the echo-icon-them just in case that is relevant.

I'm experiencing the same issue .. seems like happens only with
echo-icon-theme ..

i've bugzilla'd it .. https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=318921
It was my fault. I forgot to modify the index.theme as SVG icons are not included.
The fix will be available on rawhide. Should you be impatient,


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