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Proposal: Rename cvsextras to packager

Warren has advanced a proposal to rename the "cvsextras" group in the account system to "packager". The change is to occur when we do the mass CVS branching (final development freeze, scheduled for: 17 October 2007). Proposal is here:


I've volunteered to make the required changes in the packagedb, fedora-accounts, and scripts being used by admins and cron jobs on the cvs server.

If you have another script that uses the cvsextras group, you should be able to modify the code to fix things simply by changing "cvsextras" to "packager" on or after October 17. Feel free to contact me if you run into something more difficult and need some help.

We have a ticket open in Fedora Infrastructure to track the changes that we need to make. Feel free to add to it if you know of any problems that need to be addressed when this happens.



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