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Re: Problems with recent F7 updates comps-f7.xml

Orion Poplawski wrote:
I do F7 kickstart installs here and I add a repo line for the F7 updates so that they get installed automatically. Today I get an error from anaconda complaining that it can't find the comps-f7.xml file, though it does download it fine. I'm guessing that it is actually a parsing error, though no diagnostics make it into anaconda.log. I did a successful install on the 1st, so the change must be recent.

Any ideas?

Just an update on this, it appears the comps file was corrupt (it had bad lines in it). The file that ended up on the mirrors is also not the file that mash created. We suspect something went wrong during a file copy or possibly on the filesystem on the main mirror. I've filed a ticket to see if our main filer threw any errors. We're going to treat this as a freak accident as we couldn't recreate it during the fix but are keeping a close eye on tonight


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