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Re: gdm Create User

Richi Plana wrote:
On Sat, 2007-10-06 at 13:58 -0500, Douglas McClendon wrote:
Richi Plana wrote:
How about adding the functionality to create user accounts (local or
network) at the gdm login screen?
I think a cool *optional* functionality would be-

Whenever gdm receives an unknown username, *automatically* create that account as new, and log them in.

Perhaps the way to implement your functionality, would be to have the above, but after login attempt, a 15 second timeout prompt pops up (with cancel), notifying that it was an unrecognized login, and asking for the adminstrative password to confirm account creation. And then perhaps a checkbox to enable/disable continuation of login for that user. Then you get back to my functionality with an administrative setting that just disables the popping up of the confirmation/authentication dialog.

Well, that certainly sounds like a smart system ... and I'm all for
computers trying to be smarter than their users (if they can do it
successfully). But why add a timeout?

I was thinking out loud... I was sort of trying to fit it in so it sort of still behaved like the old way (i.e. screen jiggle pause and back to login prompt). But since you brought it up and I thought about it, I don't see a compelling reason for the timeout.

 I'm assuming finding out a list of
users from the console isn't a security issue (since they're displayed
as a list by GDM)

I don't think what I described changes anything from that security perspective. I.e. already you get a 'invalid username' response.

 so why not make the computer think one of two things
has happened: 1) the user mistyped the username or 2) the user wants to
create a new user. The system could ask which and ask for the root
password or directory administrator's password if it was a request for
the creation of users.

It's not intuitive, though, so maybe a "Login (existing or create a new
one)" at the prompt would be nice.

sounds good.

Maybe then we could remove the "Create User" account at firstboot.

To round out the missing bits, the root authentication prompt might also include-

- confirmation of the user's chosen password
- optional Real Name setting
( default desktop choice comes from normal gdm session selection )


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