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Re: gdm Create User

lör 2007-10-06 klockan 19:35 -0600 skrev Richi Plana:

> So, no, I wasn't thinking the regular employee
> would be creating the account from the workstation but a network admin.
> Saves him from having to log on using a different account or going to
> another computer (the same scenarios I mentioned earlier). 

In my experience that isn't really doable. It's a worthy goal, but right
now I'd say this would only be useful for local accounts or perhaps for
small organisations. I guess it's doable if you only have an LDAP server
and an NFS share, but accounts on larger computer systems are in my
experience usually created with special scripts that touch multiple
databases, perhaps pulling data from outside sources and so on. (To fix
this, one needs to start at the other end of the problem, with projects
such as FreeIPA.) Also, it's often unsafe for an admin to enter
important passwords on a workstation unless that computer has just been


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