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Re: f8t3 Live on ibm a20m: how do I login?

Thomas Springer wrote:
sean darcy:
Trying to run live cd on something, I've tried to run it on an ibm a20m notebook ( 2000 vintage, pentium 3 700mz ).

The gdm throws up the login screen asking for the user name, and says user fedora will login in 60 seconds.

The seconds counter decreases, then goes negative - but no login.

;-). I've not seen this.

Is there some special login? I've tried root.


Just enter fedora as username and hit <enter> as mentioned in the
release notes:


I did that. Also tried root.

Then I edited the grub login to init 3. I logged in at the command line as fedora ( root also works ).

It died at startx. It showed creating three xauth, then just hung.

FWIW, knoppix works fine.

I'd file a bug, but under what?


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