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rpm and post script install/run order question (texlive)


I have some questions regarding rpm installation and script run order.
It is for texlive, and I use letters that corresponds with:

A texlive
B texlive-texmf
C kpathsea
D texlive-fonts
E texlive-fonts-texmf

sA updmap-sys

We have:

Requires: B C D

Requires: C
Requires(post): sA

C doesn't requires anything, but has a post script (ldconfig) that must 
  be run before it can be used by programs in A or B.

Requires: E
Requires(post): sA

Requires(post): sA

The script sA is in A, but to be succesfull, it has to be run with A, B,
C and D installed. If run multiple time, only the last run must be 
succesfull, but it should be run with all the packages that Requires it 
installed (B E), it is not a problem if previous runs are done wrong.

Unless I am wrong, in that kind of setup all the packages will be
installed in the same batch (except maybe for C, but no user will 
ever install C directly).

I am not sure, however, what would be the order of installation of those
packages, nor when would sA be called. For example, since C doesn't have
any Requires(post) on A would it be possible to have an install order
with C in the end, and the post scripts run before C is installed? 
Maybe there are other subtle possible failures? Also is the installation 
and post script run order dependent on which package is selected for,
say a yum install, that is will:

yum install A
yum install E
yum install B

and so on and so forth give the same installation and post script run

My question may be a bit confused, so don't hesitate to ask for more
info. Also I couldn't find a place where such issues are explained in 
depth. In the usual rpm manuals there are some explanations, but not
precise enough. Is there some doc I could have missed?

The example is a bit simplified, since additionnally there is a
dependency cycle between texlive-dvips and texlive-fonts, and also there
is texlive-latex, but the issues faced shouldn't be different than for
the example above, unless I missed something.


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