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Re: samba license change

> Hans de Goede <j.w.r.degoede <at> hhs.nl> writes:
>> Its really simple to me, TrollTech has the power to fix this, and they
>> should, so instead of endless discussions here, maybe those that care
>> should
>> focus their efforts on TrollTech instead?
> Actually, depending on what exactly gets linked with libsmbclient (which
> in
> turn depends on your definition of "linking", is the external kio_smb
> process
> the only thing considered "linked" with libsmbclient? ldd seems to think
> so
> (the kio_*.so libs are actually started up as separate processes by
> kdeinit,
> and only kio_smb.so shows up as linked to libsmbclient), but is ldd the
> correct
> definition of "linking" here?), some other KDE contributors may have to
> relicense their code too. But what's sure is that without Trolltech, KDE
> can't
> do anything.

I'm not the person with the expertise to accomplish this, but would it be
possible to have the rpm build process check the license tag of the
current spec, query the license tags of BuildRequires, and die with an
error if a license violation occurs?  If would really help keep people on
their toes WRT license tags.  I could see it getting hairy with multiple
tags, though.

Just my $0.02.

>         Kevin Kofler
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