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Re: acpid and logging

On Wednesday 10 October 2007 09:16:19 Zdenek Prikryl wrote:
> since version 1.0.6, acpid does not use separate file for logging. It uses
> openlog() and vsyslog() instead of own implementation of logging. So
> everything go to /var/log/messages. 

Yes, I have been chatting with upstream since I'm getting about 6-8 events a 
second. He claims I'm the only person on the planet that is getting this rate 
of events and my BIOS is broken. It makes syslog hard to use for researching 
problems, but not unreadable.

> But it could be dangerous. According to this bug
> https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=294391, it could lead 
> to unreadable /var/log/messages.

I do not see anything in that bug that tells how it damages or makes syslog 
unusable. I find that it floods syslog, but its not unreadable.

> So there are two options:
> 1. Get back to old style logging (but upstream does not want to)
> 2. In /etc/rsyslog.conf append a filter for acpid, so rsyslog will be
> logging messages form acpid in separate file.

There's a third option, which I've asked upstream about, make some of these 
messages DEBUG and only log abnormal messages at the higher syslog 
priorities. IOW, not all messages are of the same importance. Seriously, my 
battery being full of power or me connecting to AC power is not a syslog 
worthy or any log worthy event unless I'm debugging a problem. 

Upstream is of the opinion that I'm the only person seeing a high rate of 
events and doesn't really want to fix it unless others report similar 
problems. Am I the only one?


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