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Re: acpid and logging

Steve Grubb napsal(a):
> I do not see anything in that bug that tells how it damages or makes syslog 
> unusable. I find that it floods syslog, but its not unreadable.

By unreadable I meant, that /var/log/messages is full of acpid messages. And it
is hard to find relevant information if you have any other problem.

>> So there are two options:
>> 1. Get back to old style logging (but upstream does not want to)
>> 2. In /etc/rsyslog.conf append a filter for acpid, so rsyslog will be
>> logging messages form acpid in separate file.
> There's a third option, which I've asked upstream about, make some of these 
> messages DEBUG and only log abnormal messages at the higher syslog 
> priorities. IOW, not all messages are of the same importance. Seriously, my 
> battery being full of power or me connecting to AC power is not a syslog 
> worthy or any log worthy event unless I'm debugging a problem. 

That could be a solution too.

> Upstream is of the opinion that I'm the only person seeing a high rate of 
> events and doesn't really want to fix it unless others report similar 
> problems. Am I the only one?

Definitely, you are not only one with this problem. So I'll write an email to
upstream and I'll suggest them a solution based on priorities too.


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