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Re: samba license change

I wrote:
> Actually, depending on what exactly gets linked with libsmbclient (which in 
> turn depends on your definition of "linking", is the external kio_smb process 
> the only thing considered "linked" with libsmbclient? ldd seems to think so 
> (the kio_*.so libs are actually started up as separate processes by kdeinit, 
> and only kio_smb.so shows up as linked to libsmbclient), but is ldd the
> correct definition of "linking" here?), some other KDE contributors may have
> to relicense their code too. But what's sure is that without Trolltech, KDE
> can't do anything.

Looking into it:
* yes, kio_smb is a separate process,
* all the code in kio_smb itself is GPLv2+ or LGPLv2+ (There was apparently 
some improper LGPL->GPL conversion done there though, because there's no such 
version as the "GPL 2.1" which is referred to. :-/)
* the kdelibs code which is of course linked in should all be LGPL, thus no 
so yes, Qt is the one problem here, we can start linking kio_smb to GPLv3 or 
LGPLv3 libraries if and only if and when Trolltech allows the GPLv3 for Qt.

As for exceptions, you'd also have to consider the GPLv2+ code in kio_smb, 
which so happens to be "Copyright (c) 2000  Caldera Systems, Inc.", good luck 
getting these folks to agree to any sort of exception. And without exceptions, 
I guess the GPLv2+ has to be interpreted as "pick any one version of the GPL", 
not a mix of both.

        Kevin Kofler

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