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Re: CDs DVDs or netboot. Oh my!

John Reiser wrote:
So the real question is what do we 'suggest' our default install be?

1) Live CD: Can't upgrade, do package selection or specify install method.

Why can't a system that is installed from the Live CD be upgraded?
What would it take to make such an installation upgradeable?

The livecd is not a collection of rpms, it is an installed filesystem image that runs live.

One idea, if one were so inclined, and wanted to make it upgradeable, would be to write an abstraction layer (I'm thinking fuse filesystem) that could mount an installed filesystem image, and provide a mounted view of it as the collection of rpms it contains. I.e. using that rpm functionality that lets you rebuild a binary rpm from the installed files and rpmdb on a system. Not pretty, but the best I think you could do in the traditional sense. If you want to go to more of a 'wipegrade' type upgrade, that provides the user tools to ease the migration of old modified system state, to a new fresh system image, that would be another possible track.


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