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Re: samba license change

Chris Adams wrote:
Once upon a time, Hans de Goede <j w r degoede hhs nl> said:
So you must distribute it together with a GPLv2 licensed samba, so no loop holes here (luckily!).

Okay, so you distribute both the GPLv2 and GPLv3 libraries, with the
GPLv2 version named something like "compat-libsomething".  Then it
depends on which one gets installed as to whether a license violation
occurs.  If you take the case of anaconda (where the shortest package
name "wins" to satisfy the libsomething.so.0 dependency), the GPLv3
library would always be installed.

Or you get crazier and you use the alternatives system; install both and
let the user switch (but have the GPLv3 version the default).

Or you honor not only the letter but also the spirit of the license and link GPLv2 only software to the GPLv2 one and GPLv3 software to the GPLv3 one. Yes this would require a different soname. I would like to suggest libsmbclient-gplv2.so.0 . This would need to be in a new package and once this package is in the build-root, kde and other packages which are causing this pain (IMHO kde is causing the pain here, not samba) would then need to be build against this before samba gets updated to the GPLv3 version.



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